Our Story

Hey cookie lover,

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Madi, owner of Mad Batter Cookie Co. a home bakery in southeast Ohio. The one whose hands are mixing the dough, packing the boxes, and of course taste testing.

This business started in 2021 when I realized the 9-5 was not for me. Work should be more than a paycheck, and life should be more than work. I asked myself what I could wake up and do every single day that would fill my life with joy and fun?… make cookies!

With a business degree, a love of branding, and a born cookie enthusiast = Mad Batter was born!

About the cookies - There are 5 flavors on each menu, and the menus change monthly. You can order cookies by packs of 4,6,or 12. The inspiration of each menu is based on a theme like; holidays, experiences, or a pop culture moment. We have lots of MB staple flavors that stick around for each menu but we think it’s the seasonal ones you’ll love most!

Now you know about the business and the cookies, but there’s another huge part to Mad Batter’s story: Farmers Markets! We attended our local Meigs county farmers market our second year of business and fell in love with the community. Being apart of a family of vendors and seeing our cookie lovers in person is the best feeling. You can find us weekly at several markets in season (May - October) Visit Find Us At A Market tab!

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