Our Story

Hey cookie lover,

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Madi. The hands mixing the dough, packing the boxes, and of course taste testing.


Mad Batter is an Ohio Home Bakery! This means I don’t have a storefront. Cookies are produced and packaged in our Agriculture Department approved home, shipped via USPS & available at several surrounding area farmers markets!


I’ve always had a love for baking. From experimenting recipes in middle school to baking cookies every Friday with my sister for the high school football team - it’s my creative outlet. 


The story of Mad Batter begins in pursuit of my business degree. A business plan for a capstone project, ended up put to action in my kitchen for friends and neighbors!


After graduating and spending a year as a marketing director at my local small town bank, I decided life behind a desk wasn't for me. I wanted to experience joy in my work and fun in my everyday.


In 2021 I decided to relaunch Mad Batter Cookie Co. using the marketing and business strategies I had learned for this job that allowed me to be creative and silly in the kitchen.


I love to say I am in the business of making people smile. Cookies are such a simple way to share joy and show people that you care about them. Whether cookies are purchased for gifts or for yourself; they are baked with so much intention & LOVE.


Since you’re here following along, I know we have a mutual love for cookies.. & that automatically makes us friends!🧡🍪