✨90s Kids Menu

🌈Chunky Dunk

Inspired by Dunkaroos - this is a sugar cookie with vanilla creme cookies mixed in for a “shortbread” taste but none of the crunch and all of the softness, and topped with vanilla buttercream and sprinkles!


🍫Cosmo Batter

Inspired by cosmic brownies - this is a rich chocolate cookie with mini semi sweet chips (our Brownie Batter cookie you know and love) topped with chocolate buttercream, and a mix of chocolate and rainbow comic candies!


🦴Scooby Snack

Ruh Roh Raggy, Scooby has a new favorite treat! Inspired by Scooby snack graham crackers - this is a cinnamon brown sugar cookie stuffed with cookie butter and topped with a Scooby snack!


🍍Pineapple Square Pants

Inspired by none other than, Spongebob (you know, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?) This is a pineapple sugar cookie with white chocolate chips mixed in, drizzled with milk chocolate “pants”


🍪Classic Chocolate Chip

Inspired by my mom’s original chocolate chip cookie recipe of the 90s, this is a Mad Batter staple flavor. This dough is salty & sweet, baked to perfection with lots of semi sweet chocolate.




Mad Batter Cookie Co. is a Home Bakery operating under Ohio's Cottage Food Law. Special food allergen caution; most equipment will contact nut, egg, and dairy products that may not be listed on the ingredient card. Cross contact may occur.

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